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Sounds of CommUNITY Concerts

  • 1st Sounds of CommUNITY Concert Sampler

    1991 - Enjoy music from the first concert including Earl T. Taylor, Raymond Bazzemore and others.

  • 30th Annual Sounds of CommUNITY Concert

    2020 - A Celebration of 30 years of music bringing our community togther - A viritual event due to COVID-19. More info
  • 27th Annual Sounds of CommUNITY Concert

    2017 - Hosted by St. Aloysius Catholic Church
  • We Need Peace

    2015: Composition Competition for Young Adults  - Winner, "We Need Peace" by Ariel Pierre

Race Relations: More than Kumbaya


  • The Reformation (film)

    500 Years Later - Lessons Learned
    Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017

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