Bible Studies for Home and Small Groups

May 31, 2020

Bible Studies for Home and Small Groups
The following resources were designed for those who can not worship with their faith community due to work, vacation, or other circumstances--such as COVID-19. Each bible study is designed to deepen conversation and personal reflection. Linger with a particular question and feel free to skip others.  
Daily Faith Practices:  based on the second lesson from the  Common Revised Lectionary
Daily Discipleship:  based on the gospel reading from the Common Revised Lectionary

Written by Rev. Robin McCullough-Bade and her late husband Rev. John McCullough Bade, these resources are part of a 3-year series. For additional weeks, see the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's website

May 31 Pentecost, Year A
  • Daily Faith Practices: 1 Corinithians 12:3b-13 Attachment
  • Daily Discipleship: John 7:37-39 Attachment

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