Holy Grill

Nov 14, 2019

Serving hot lunches at noon, Monday - Friday
Cadillac St. Park (BREC), 6117 Cadillac St., Zion City

Hot lunches are prepared at the Interfaith Federation office and transported to the feeding site at Cadillac St. Park. Tonia Causey has been cooking meals at Holy Grill for over 30 years. Her red beans and rice are famous!

Begun in 1987, Holy Grill has fed the hungry in North Baton Rouge for over 32 years. At Holy Grill, we also promote healthy lifestyles and choices.  Thank you to the 20+ local congregations who volunteer to serve food!  See the calendar for the schedule. 

For more information or to volunteer, contact:  
Holy Grill Coordinator Tonia Causey at 225-267-5600.

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