More than Kumbaya: Checking in

More than Kumbaya: Checking in

More than Kumbaya: Check-in (virtual)
Tuesday, March 2, 7 pm RSVP

More than Kumbaya is our video series which features conversations with local black leaders who reflect on aspects of race in Baton Rouge.  Whether you have watched one or all of the videos, join the conversation as we “check-in” with each other. Our dialogue will be framed by the questions posed in the More than Kumbaya videos:

LISTEN: What did you hear? How did you feel as you listened?

REFLECT: What surprised you? What if?

ACT: What are possible actions? What are you being called to do? 

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Resource: Looking for a conversation-starter for your small group? Flyer

Kumbaya Prayer: A Dawn of a New Day Flyer

Kumbaya Song: Sung by Antonio Rice video

More than Kumbaya is a video series which features conversations with local Baton Rouge leaders. Each video is 20-30 minutes, allowing time for extended conversation among your small group. Watch the videos in any sequence.

More than Kumbaya invites us to: LISTEN - REFLECT - ACT.  Each video concludes with questions to guide your conversation.

  • Police Reform:  Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy J. Paul Jr. video (30 min.)

  • The Talk:  Coach Dawson Odums, Southern University video (16 min.)

  • Dear White Church: Rev. Herman Kelly, Bethel AME Church video (19 min.)

  • Investing in the Dis-invested: Chris Tyson, Build Baton Rouge video (24 min.)  

  • History and Racism: Dr. Charles Vincent video (24 min.)

  • Mentoring: Michael Adams, 100 Black Men video (30 min.)

  • Race & the American Dream: Rev. Mark Ellis, United Christian Faith Ministries  video (16 min.)

  • Raising Black Sons: Holy Grill Coordinator Tonia Causey & daughter Ashley Bennett video (21 min.)

  • Social Justice: Eugene Collins, NAACP-Baton Rouge video (20 min.)

  • Health Equity: Alma Stewart, Louisiana Center for Health Equity video (23 min.)

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