Listening Campaign

BR HEALING: Through Listening

The Summer of 2016 and Before

Fatal shootings, violence, and flooding—the summer of 2016 will long be remembered in Baton Rouge. Our world was turned upside down—once again. Death does that. So does flood. 

The Power of Story

As humans, we have the capacity to tell our story—to name our feelings, thoughts, and memories. Having the opportunity to tell our unique story to another person who actively listens in a safe setting is part of the healing process. Listening is a gift we give each other. It’s being a good neighbor. Sometimes we need to tell our story over and over again until healing comes.

Each of Us is invited to LISTEN

  • To those near you
  • To your neighbor
  • To someone different from you


Listen! Listen! Suffering upon suffering, fear upon fear…
Hurt upon hurt, anger upon anger, sadness upon sadness…
Harm upon harm, anguish upon anguish, despair upon despair…
In the church, in the synagogue, in the mosque, in the temple, in the streets and everywhere:
Listen!  -- Waging Peace, Movement 1, Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge choral work

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