Opioid Crisis

Response to the Opioid Crisis

East Baton Rouge Parish is facing a spike in overdose deaths. 

Annual Statistics in East Baton Rouge Parish:
        2012 - 28    overdose deaths
        2019 - 127  overdose deaths
        2020 - 245  overdose deaths (final count will be out in the coming weeks)

Faith-based leaders have an important role to play in helping educate people about the dangers of opioid misuse, offering support for those affected by the opioid crisis, and directing people to treatment services in their community. 

Capital Area Human Services has developed a practical toolkit, that can serve as a jump start to increase awareness within the faith communities.

Faith-Based Opioid Epidemic Toolkit: Hope and Healing
For more info: Contact Capital Area Human Resources website
Get help today: (225) 925-1906 or (800) 768-8824

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