Waging Peace

Commissioned Choral Work

Waging Peace is an original choral composition by American composer Dr Robert Kyr and features first-person accounts from the Greater Baton Rouge community. Commissioned by the Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge, Waging Peace was performed by an interfaith community choir, narrators, and instrumental ensemble from over 20 local congregations. The world premiere of Waging Peace was held in Baton Rouge in May, 2013 with over 850 in attendance. Movements include:
     Movement 1: Listen
     Movement 2: Understand
     Movement 3: Forgive
     Movement 4: Collaborate
     Movement 5: Proclaim 


Waging Peace has been adapted to an effective teaching tool for children, youth, and adults. Contact the Interfaith Federation for more information.  Sample of curriculum: 

CD: Waging Peace 

The Waging Peace CD includes all narration and music, as well as a booklet with the full text of Waging Peace. 

To order the Waging Peace CD:

CONTACT: Interfaith Federation office 225-267-5600. 
By MAIL - Send mailing instructions and your payment for the number of CDs you wish to order to:
     Interfaith Federation of Greater Baton Rouge
     3112 Convention Street
     Baton Rouge LA 70806 

Cost of the CD's: 
$15 for 1 
$25 for 2 
$10 each for 3 or more. 


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