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Our Unique Niche

We are a network of faith communities who share the religious value of compassionate love for our neighbors in need. We build bridges of understanding, bear public witness to a vision of peace, and are a catalyst of change.

Our Ongoing Initiatives

Holy Grill (Since 1987)

We serve hot lunches to the hungry in Baton Rouge, Monday – Friday at Holy Grill in Zion City (North Baton Rouge). Holy Grill is an anchor in the Zion City neighborhood as we provide emotional support and teach healthy lifestyles. Volunteers from over 20 faith communities help serve the food.

Waging Peace (since 2013)

We wage peace through dialogue, education, and shared experiences. Our Waging Peace curriculum is rooted in an original choral work commissioned for our 25th anniversary.  An aspect of waging peace is listening. BR Healing through Listening is an initiative which encourages each of us to listen to those near, to your neighbor, and to someone different from you. 

Congregation Connections (since 1995)

We connect and encourage congregations from diverse backgrounds to seek common ground and build partnerships. Current emphasis is on the pairing of white and black congregations. Some partnerships have been together for over twenty years; others are just getting acquainted.

Our Program Year...


Season of Shalom-Salaam

Sample: Annual CommUNITY Prayer Breakfast, World Peace Day, workshops, Hunger Walk


January Thaw

Sample: World Religion Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day Interfaith service, Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, Interfaith Pilgrimage, Dialogues


Sounds of CommUNITY

Sample: Annual Sounds of CommUNITY Concert, community conversations, Holy Grill Health Fair

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Fostering understanding and cooperation to reduce human suffering in Greater Baton Rouge.