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KEY DATES with Congregation-to-Congregation Pairings

1992 - Black-White Dialogues among clergy begun

1994 - Community-Wide What Color is Community? A Citizen’s Town Meeting Followed by: Going the Second Mile Dialogue on Racism

1995 - In response to the burning of 30 black churches (primarily in the South) during an 18-month period from 1995-1996, the Interfaith Federation  launched: Sustained Dialogues for Racial Harmony (based on the Kettering Foundation model) & Shared Meals (pairing of congregations across racial lines for meals, dialogue, etc.)

1996 - Congregation-to-Congregation partnerships formed crossing race and denominational lines. 

2016 - New partnerships launched in response to Alton Sterling and police fatal shootings


What? A partnership between black and white congregations

Why? Response to the love of God which calls people together to tear down barriers and build bridges, bearing witness to a new community which is not defined nor limited by color

How? Build relationships, listen, learn, be blessed by each other, and bless others

When? Each Congregation-to-Congregation partnership chooses its own timeline

Guidelines? Models and resources are available to assist and encourage the process

Contact Interfaith Federation office for more information.


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