Good News! Sept 2, 2022

It's so easy in our world to hear bad news... when we see the news on television, in the paper or online, it's usually bad news!

But that's not all the news - there are plenty of good things happening in our community!  From time to time we'll share some GOOD NEWS stories here through Interfaith Matters.

Meet Tim Yon (pictured above), a member at Healing Place Church.  A few weeks ago, Tim showed up at the Interfaith Office with a box of bread. 

"I collect bread from a bakery here in town that they were just going to throw away.  Can you use some of it?"

Yes we can!  And we do - Tim continues to bring us everything from loaves to bagels to pastries, and we use them when we serve at our Holy Grill feeding program. 

We're so thankful for Tim and others like him who volunteer their time to make a difference in the community!

Do you have some Good News to share?  Please write and share it with us - we can all use some more GOOD NEWS!

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