More than Kumbaya

Oct 3, 2020

More than Kumbaya

More than Kumbaya ... a video series for your small group

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Kumbaya Prayer: A Dawn of a New Day Flyer

Kumbaya Song: Sung by Antonio Rice video

More than Kumbaya is a video series which features conversations with local Baton Rouge leaders. Each video is 20-30 minutes, allowing time for extended conversation among your small group. Watch the videos in any sequence.

More than Kumbaya invites us to: LISTEN - REFLECT - ACT.  Each video concludes with questions to guide your conversation.

  • Police Reform:  Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy J. Paul Jr. video (30 min.)

  • The Talk:  Coach Dawson Odums, Southern University video (16 min.)

  • Dear White Church: Rev. Herman Kelly, Bethel AME Church video (19 min.)

  • Investing in the Dis-invested: Chris Tyson, Build Baton Rouge video (24 min.)  

  • History and Racism: Dr. Charles Vincent video (24 min.)

  • Mentoring: Michael Adams, 100 Black Men video (30 min.)

  • Race & the American Dream: Rev. Mark Ellis, United Christian Faith Ministries  video (16 min.)

  • Raising Black Sons: Holy Grill Coordinator Tonia Causey & daughter Ashley Bennett video (21 min.)

  • Social Justice: Eugene Collins, NAACP-Baton Rouge video (20 min.)

  • Health Equity: Alma Stewart, Louisiana Center for Health Equity video (23 min.)

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