Holy Grill

Hot TO-GO lunches, Monday - Friday, noon

Location: Cadillac St. Park (BREC), 6117 Cadillac St., Zion City

Begun in 1987, Holy Grill feeds the hungry as well as promotes healthy lifestyles and peace. Tonia Causey has been cooking meals at Holy Grill for over 31 years. 

Due to the pandemic, the Cadillac St. gym is not open, but we are providing to-go boxes. We ask volunteers NOT to come, but to continue to pray for us and those we serve in North Baton Rouge.

For more information: Holy Grill Coordinator Tonia Causey at 225-267-5600.

Tips for Healthy Meals and Lifestyles

  • "How to Make Healthy Spring Rolls", presented by Penninton's Biomedical's Kitchen Director, Renee Puyay video     Spring Rolls recipe 


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